Kitchen Remodelling

Knowing when some parts of your house are due for a reboot makes you a good homeowner. In the same way, what makes us a good kitchen remodelling services company is our ability to bring you ideas to life.

Reinvent Your Kitchen

If your kitchen no longer spices your meal or sweeten your drink, then it might be time for a whole new recipe. To give that space a new look, a better structure, more storage space and even more glam, it is necessary to invest in a choice that is surely going to be rewarding.

A1 Kitchen specializes in making your kitchen new and magnificent with a simple yet effective approach: working closely with you to identify the needs on grounds, and then find the best value solutions possible to deliver.

We take pride and gladness in working together with our clients to source the furniture separately from the worktops and appliances. This way, we get you the widest selection for each, doing so at the best value in the market. We also use this medium to avoid kitchen company’s markups on each component.


Cabinets help to establish a visual theme and help in defining the style for the entire kitchen. Design, building and installing cabinetry can also become one of the most time-consuming processes on the remodelling job.

But, with guys like us, you do not have to wait for so long. Different teams of ours will work simultaneously to make sure the project is executed the fastest way possible. We source only quality materials but at the most affordable prices.


Alongside the cabinets, countertops set a visual tone and help define the kitchen’s style. We work with clients to choose materials that not only reflect their style, but are in harmony with how they’ll use their kitchens.

Granite is usually on the wish-list for homebuyers and remodelers alike. Additionally, newly fashioned stone products are giving granite in high-end design a run for its money. They not only offer a luxurious-looking, granite-like surface but can be stain-resistant and very durable

Design-Build Technology

We are a design-build firm that is capable of providing clients with the most accurate cost estimation. We will do this during the design phase of rht project and give you a fixed price before the process takes off.

A1 Kitchens has an in-house, full-time team of expert designers, carpenters and supporting staff. This way, the handoff to happen between the design and construction team becomes simple and more effective. The smoother the process, the  better the results.

Both our designing and building processes follow industry standards. Our team has been trained by the makers of these products themselves, so they know the most efficient ways to keep things safe, effective and satisfactory.

Work With Us

That kitchen remodelling project of yours is better off in professional hands, like ours. A1 Kitchens will help develop a brand new, stylish kitchen without tearing a hole in your bank account. If you have more questions, do give us a call.