Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Properly installing kitchen lighting is important for your home. In fact, your plan for kitchen lighting may be the most important of all the room plans. The kitchen is a place where the family gathers for food, games, homework and just to be together. It is probably the most used room in the whole house, mostly because that where what sustains the home comes from.

Your kitchen lighting needs to be adequate, bright enough to see everything well but friendly enough to not cause damage to your eyes or make your cooking space look whelped. Whether it is a traditional, commercial or ultra-modern kitchen, there is the kind of lighting every cooking space should have to meet many needs.

Kitchen Lighting Installation

Only professional lighting fixture service providers are the best people to install any kind of lighting in the kitchen or any other part of your property. Going the one size fits all approach doesn’t quite bring out the beauty of your home. Proper lighting equals better appearances. Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen’s lighting? We can help with the electrical circuits, wiring, and lighting installation. Here are several of your options for kitchen lighting.

  • Pendant lighting.
  • Surface lights.
  • Recessed lights.
  • Kitchen island lighting.
  • Kitchen focus lights.
  • Light fixture mounts.
  • Cabinet, shelf, drawer, and floor lighting.
  • Light and fan combo lights.
  • Outdoor kitchen lighting.

Whatever you imagine with your kitchen lighting, let us enable you and make it happen (even if it includes adding a new circuit). Get in touch with us today to make those lighting improvements (or replacements) you’ve dreamt about or have been procrastinating for some time.

Kitchen Lighting Repair

Every once in a while, something goes wrong with a bulb, fuse, wire or connection system that could affect visibility in your cooking space. And as you may already know, cooking in a poorly lit place isn’t advisable for a litany of reasons.

Are you having issues with your kitchen lighting and need some troubleshooting support to discover and fix the problem? Don’t take the risk and try and fix it yourself, call an electrician if you’re facing the following issues:

  • Lights are not working and unresponsive to the light switch.
  • The light fixture is loose, moving, or falling apart.
  • The light fixture or surrounding area is unusually hot.
  • The light flickers on and goes off without explanation.
  • The dimming switch is not working as expected.
  • The light’s brightness is strangely dim.
  • Upon installation, new light bulbs break.

If you’re having any of these light problems (or others not listed) in your kitchen (or anywhere in your home), A1 Kitchens can help. We have some of the best hands in the industry, as they are well trained and adwurtely equipped to render you these services.

From the sourcing of your materials straight down to installing the lighting, we will assist you the best way possible. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know what needs to happen for your kitchen lighting to be efficient and value-adding.