Kitchen Flooring

The flooring of your kitchen goes a long way to affect how the space looks, functions and appeals to the sense of sight. Whether it is traditional, ultra-modern, or commercial kitchen you’ve got back there, flooring is just as important as the countertops and appliances.

To get the most out of the kitchen floor in your home, working with A1 Kitchens is the best bet. Rather than stressing with sourcing materials and installing (probably with unqualified persons), leave the work to us and will tick the boxes involved from start to finish.

Quality Flooring

When you are trying to make significant changes to your kitchen space or completely remodel it, there is the need to focus on tiles getting pale and old-fashioned.  Our team of experts will make sure to install the kitchen floor tiles having the best patterns and design. The trained specialists will keep the surfaces smooth, glossy and reflective of the beauty of the cooking space.

Since the introduction of the latest technological innovations, most of the people are engaging with the modern lifestyle. From automated racks to flawless utensil storage management, they are implementing the advanced ideologies. That’s why we best kitchen remodeling ideas that can bring a great look-and-feel to the interiors of a house.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Perhaps the kitchen you have in mind isn’t one that’s inside a house. If it’s a commercial kitchen of sorts, we still got you covered. Kitchens for (mostly) restaurants and hotels demand simple maintenance, durability, fire resistance and stisn security. Most of all, they need to be anti-slippery to prevent mishaps during rainy seasons or accidental liquid spills.

There’s one very important requirement though: commercial kitchen floors should be completely seamless. You may wonder why that’s so significant. It’s critical because any installation must withstand all types of fungus, mold, staining and foul odors. So when we are planning, we put this into consideration.

Attention To Detail

A1 Kitchens’ team can handle the installation and repair of all kinds of floors, whether tiles, terrazzo, vinyl, marble, laminate or hardwood-colored. Since this essential space of your house needs to be clean and organized, it is necessary to implement a decent design idea, one that pays attention to every detail in your home. We can pull that off for you.

In order to get the best outcomes, our team helps you to figure out the necessary areas where you should implement the renovation idea. For instance, tile replacement, crockery storage systems, slabs, and sink refurbishing, etc. However, if you are thinking of getting every detail right without stressing, a kitchen remodelling and flooring agency like A1 Kitchens is surefire assistance.

Let’s Floor!

Another major concern is maintenance. It is one thing to install a great floor, but a completely different task to keep it in its best state.

Are there any special precautions you need to take to prevent damage to flooring? Does the flooring require regular treatment to prevent wear?

Tell us so we can help you out.