Kitchen Custom Cabinetry

The count of decisions that need to be made when building or remodeling a home can be overwhelming, especially in terms of cabinetry. Custom cabinetry versus stock, or maybe semi-custom cabinets.

Then, the cabinetry style, detail design, layout, colors, hardware style/sizes, paint or stain, etc. The list goes on. And, because the impact of any room is a sum of all its many details, it’s important to figure out what you want the space to say or how you want it to function before making any cabinetry decisions.

Are you looking for that ultimate kitchen that oozes quality, looks great and works like a dream? Whether your style is classical, contemporary, trendy, shaker, retro, minimalistic or extravagant, A1 Kitchens can custom design and project manage your total kitchen, whether it’s in a home or a commercial center.

What’s A Custom Cabinet?

Fully custom means getting a 100 percent unique design based on the space, intended aesthetics, and personal functionality needs. Every component or system is literally made in order to fit your space, down to a tiny fraction of every inch.

A custom cabinet designer will find a way to respect an intended aesthetic while catering to your specific needs of storage. Fully customized simply means that you get exactly what you want. On your quest to narrow down the costs, consider that some “custom” cabinetry shops will offer a limited number of colors, door styles, or size variations.

Asking questions such as, “Can I use any paint colors I want?” or “Do you offer dovetailed and soft close drawers?” Questions like this will help you determine the level of customization you’ll be most likely to get in return. If there is anything you remember from this post, remember this: Every cabinet maker does things their own way, for their own reasons. There is no universal method.

Custom Cabinetry Design

What style makes you feel at home? Modern farmhouse? Urban industrial? Traditional or eclectic? Do you like the look of decorative raised panels or flat panels? Do you like floating shelves, glass doors with or without grids, or decorative cabinet feet? What about a hood that’s metal, or stained wood, or painted?

How about wood countertops on your pantry countertops instead of a stone top? Maybe you can’t stand the look of a dishwasher or fridge and long to make them match the rest of your kitchen. As far as it is starting to look odd to you, something professional and effective needs to be done about it.

These are the important points that need to be resolved soon into the journey of designing your home cabinetry; and they are points that a good cabinet designer like A1 Kitchens will walk you through to help you feel less overwhelmed. Basically, we do quality work at an affordable price to make sure that you’re satisfied.

Whenever you are ready we will always be on the other side of a phone call or an email.