Kitchen Countertops

Have your current countertops gone out of fashion or into a state of where repairs are pointless? Do they need to be fixed or replaced completely? Whatever you need for your kitchen countertop, we surely can help. A1 Kitchens’ improvement professionals can fix and install countertops throughout your home, especially in your kitchen.

With so many types of countertops in the market today, finding a qualified installer can be a walk in the woods. The good news is, we have the relevant experience and expertise to install all types of countertops for all kinds of kitchens.

Countertop Installation & Repair

A1 Kitchens makes sure that the professionals in our countertop installation services department are using laser templating. Through this medium, you become not only at liberty to customize your countertop to your kitchen, but opportuned to keep your home stylish and functional.

Our company also ensures that your countertop is installed to our exact specifications, is well-leveled and properly supported. You can rest assured that our installation services team will get the job done right the first time of asking.

If your countertop has some structural issues that can be resolved without spending almost or twice the amount of a new, better one, our technicians will assist you to repair them. They know the workings of these things, so it is easy for our staff to get to the root of the problem and apply the safest and most efficient solution.

We work with only experts

A1 Kitchens has made its name by finding and offering the best countertop installation solutions nationwide. This means that whether it’s granite, marble, quartz, or soapstone for your kitchen, we will never depend on subcontractors or any labor not directly affiliated with our company.

In our belief, this not only improves the quality of our countertop installation services, but it also makes us highly accountable for the work we do. That is why we give you the expertise you are paying for, and nothing less.

We care about our seams

The way we are concerned about our stone is the way we care about our seams. Because of this.A1 Kitchens’ team members travel around the country to brush up on the most recent techno and techniques in the countertop sector.

We only select the most exotic and durable slabs of granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone, and your choice will be custom-cut to your kitchen. A1 Kitchens got your six and will get things done twenty to the dozen.

Accuracy and detail

Oftentimes, seams are necessary to install the countertops safely and ensure there is a beautiful and consistent flow throughout the kitchen. That said, our staff have specialized carts and transport systems to provide countertops with as few seams as humanly possible.

Our experts in countertop installation services use cutting-edge equipment and glues to create custom-colored countertop bonding agents. Easy work, but smart results.

Work With Us

Whether you are a homeowner or the manager of a restaurant out in town, you will need professional countertop services like those of A1 Kitchens. Give us a call.