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In case you haven’t noticed, your kitchen is closer to your living room than any other place in your house.

That’s to say; this space is just as important as the parlor because of its function in the home. Often referred to as the real center of the household, and not the parlor, kitchens are taken seriously in modern day residential life.


It’s the same reason some corporations and organizations are starting to warm up to the idea of having a (probably mini and simple) kitchen in their official commercial properties.

The moral lesson is: your kitchen needs every iota of attention it can get from you to remain functional, up to date and sufficient.

About Us

Custom kitchen designs, ample cabinetry provisions, flooring solutions, appliance upgrades or complete remodeling decisions are a swell way to keep your culinary quarters at its best. If you are thinking of making or including these changes in your residential kitchen plan, then you need the most professional help there in order to get everything right. Look no further than A1 Kitchens, the first-class kitchen design, repair and remodeling specialists.

Our Team

We are a team of committed and service-oriented technicians, interior designers and construction engineers that can smack a fresh new look on your kitchen space. You think about the ideas, but we make your dreams come true.


A1 Kitchens has been putting smiles on the faces of residents for the past several years, transforming kitchens from one house to the other. Whether it is a big remodeling project or a couple of repairs/installations in your kitchen, we will attend to every detail and produce only great results.

Truth and honesty

Our company is reputable, dedicated and true to words. A1 Kitchens’ services are not only of industry standards, but also comprise the safest, most effective and cost-efficient methods available in the line of work.


To us, the kitchen is the heart of the home
because it’s where the meals that sustain the home come from
and that’s why we put our very best into using a kitchen plan to add more value to your property.

As a leading kitchen contractor

 we design and install some of the most beautiful bespoke kitchens to complement as well as enhance your lifestyle and home. Because we are committed to the pursuit of perfection in kitchens, we create each of them with unique designs and tailor according to the requirements of the owner.

Whether it serves as the hub of your home’s daily life or a place where you sometimes host guests, we will help you create and bring to life something that embodies luxury, is practical, durable, affordable and reflective of your style.

A1 Kitchens believes

 in the utmost importance of giving you a kitchen made with your specific needs at heart. The space should not only be tailored to match your taste, but also suit the way you—as well as your family—spend time in the place, and cook.

We’re talking about

some appliances for carrying out specific tasks—like integrated coffee machines, chilled, water filtration taps, worktop wok hobs, garbage disposals facilities and pizza ovens. We bring everything you need together with our expertise to afford you satisfaction.

Our team is mobile

so it’s easy for us to arrive at your residence with the right equipment and work person numbers to get your project done in the shortest possible time.

A1 Kitchens

Whether your property is a period home in need of a conventional kitchen or a modern downtown penthouse requiring something ultra-modern, A1 Kitchens will design, plan and create that space using the highest-quality materials and the most effective approaches.

We are licensed

bonded, insured and well-trained kitchen construction and remodeling service providers, so we give you 1000.

We’re talking about

Our company’s full design and build service always incorporates the presentation of proposed plans that specify the fixtures or fittings of the kitchen as well as the before and after of past projects we have executed successfully. If you have something else in mind, give us a call let’s talk kitchen. We are always reachable and eager to answer your questions, no matter how many or how complicated.

What Do We Do?

When we are not helping a client design a kitchen for a new home or building it for real, we are helping other kitchens to become more functional, aesthetic and value-bringing. A1 Kitchens, basically, takes care of the structure, appearance and relevance of your kitchen by assisting you with the following:

Kitchen Remodeling

It takes a good homeowner to know that his or her kitchen is due for a reboot.
Also, it takes a good kitchen construction expert to know the best way to go about it. If your kitchen no longer spices your meal or sweeten your drink, then it might be time for a whole new recipe. To give that space a new look, a better structure, more storage space and even more glam, it is necessary to invest in a choice that is surely going to be rewarding.

A1 Kitchen specializes in making your kitchen new and magnificent with a simple yet effective approach: working closely with you to identify the needs on grounds, and then find the best value solutions possible to deliver.

We take pride and gladness in working together with our clients to source the furniture separately from the worktops and appliances. This way, we get you the widest selection for each, doing so at the best value in the market. We also use this medium to avoid kitchen company’s markups on each component.

Kitchen Repair

Is your kitchen in bad shape? Are the hanging cabinets starting to let go or are your appliances beginning to mumble electromechanical complaints?

If you are finding it hard to be productive in this space, it means some things are either missing, damaged or even need to be completely removed from the picture. In such cases, you need the professional services of a kitchen construction expert, so you can get the best value for your money.

A1 Kitchens is your one-stop shop for all things kitchen repair. Whenever you need us, in whatever capacity our expertise is needed and for the most affordable prices in the market, we will make your kitchen become more functional.

We'll fix what is broken, replace what has gone out of order and bring what needs to be added, all to ensure that your kitchen space services you better. Whether it is the countertop, ventilation or colors, we attend to it well.

Kitchen Flooring

Flooring for every other part of your home is important.

But there’s nothing like having a solid and aesthetic kitchen floor that can withstand high traffic and maintain its beauty. If the flooring in your cooking space is substandard or flawed, the amount of work in the place will exert pressure on it. To give your kitchen a longstanding surface, you need the best quality materials and skills out there. Plus, you also want to do it at the lowest possible price?

Well, A1 Kitchens takes pride in having satisfied customers from different places. We have a team of the brightest minds and most effective hands in the industry, all of whom are dedicated to giving your kitchen the best kind of flooring possible.

We match the floor with your style, the looks of the palace and the amount of ongoing traffic involved. If you want to completely replace your kitchen floor too, we will be willing to assist you for a reasonable price.

Kitchen Light Fixtures

How much ambience do you want in your kitchen? Lighting in this part of every home is crucial because it is basically the workshop of the house.

And because this place is mostly strictly business, there needs to be ample amount of lighting so the production process is smooth and yields the best results. To determine which lighting is best for your kitchen space or make changes to the already existing one, you need A1 Kitchens.

We offer lighting fixture services for kitchens, whether traditional or modern types. Regardless of the look or state of your property, we make sure that your kitchen gets the best lighting in the entire home.

We want you to see quite clearly while you are in there but not at the detriment of your eyes, the look of the kitchen itself or your energy spend. That is why we use the best products in the market and install them with the right practices in the industry.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Oftentimes, the best way to add beauty and some distinction to your kitchen is giving it the best kind of mosaic tile backsplash.

A1 Kitchens offers a wide variety of mosaic, and wall tiles that add flair and galem to the backsplash for your kitchen space. All these services will be rendered by our expert and well-equipped craftsmen. If you want to spruce up the cook-and-dine space without a whole overhaul, a small upgrade like a new backsplash can go a long way.

Kitchen backsplashes are designed to protect the walls from common kitchen-based liquids like hot water, oil or syrup. Food splatter is also not good for those walls, especially when left to dry.

With a backsplash, you would be able to fight all these and their grandchildren while adding some style as well as personality to your kitchen. As it typically should be, we install backsplashes directly behind countertops and stoves, where splatters frequent.
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Why Choose Us?

A1 Kitchens is a team of professionals that want to make your kitchen look and function great. We have some of the best hands you can get in the national kitchen design and construction industry. However, we also come with these perks:



On the back of how long we have been in the market, we understand that homeowners don’t like being worried about the safety and wellbeing of the craftsmen that come to work on any part of their property. But there is no need for you to be wary of such things when working with a company with A1 Kitchens. Because bring our A-game on in every aspect of our services, which is why all our workers have their own coverages.



Because we want you to rest assured that our services are dependable, we come with proper licensing from all the authorities concerned with this line of work. That is because we have maintained adequate training, have the best techniques there are and work with the best suppliers there in the industry. All our technicians, interior designers and construction engineers have the necessary paperwork to render the services we offer.

Updated Equipment

Updated Equipment

Kitchen remodeling, repairs, flooring or other kinds of installations are not all a hands-only job. For some of these tasks, we need certain equipment and tools, most of which are electrical. Because we do not want to cause unnecessary damages or bring harm our way or yours, we used the latest equipment there is in this line of work. By keeping our arsenal up to date, we are also sharpening the skills of our technicians to serve you even better.

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You need to work with the most reliable and responsible kitchen design and construction services provider. Look no further than A1 Kitchens, as we are known for transforming cooking spaces and bringing the best out of every kind of this space. We also do repairs and replacements that make these places function more properly.

Do you have some more questions you want to ask? Or are there some aspects of A1 Kitchen’s services that are not yet clear to you? Just give us a call right away or as soon as possible so we can talk more. You can reach us on (866) 826-6777 or drop a quick email at info@a1-kitchens.com. We will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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